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    Qlikview job scenario in india?

    Mandar Sansare


      Well i have got offer as BI Consultant in Qlikview.

      I'm just little worried about how's job scenario gonna be in next 2 years as as had to sign two years bond.

      Also  i just want to know whether given only tool dependency is going to be hinderance for my future path?

      and if yes what are the other thing i should follow in next years along with qlikview?


      Note : Well i want to build my career in data. About how data can be give us crazy insights about lot of things. I was offered  front end developer job which is 1 l extra than this but still i'm willing to take this risk. Also i want to climb managerial ladder which is i felt quite less tedious in BI field, as you always get to work with managers which basically improves your soft skills to great extent. (I know MBA is an option not possible due to family responsibilities) Just want to know hows current scenario and what are the things i can do to be future proof?



      Thanks in advance