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    New App Project

      Hi Guys I'm Jonny
      A 21 year old Product designer that lives in Singapore, I am also a keen tennis coach and want to take the hassle of paper work and build and app not only to store all my data onto the cloud, but to also clearly show my clients their progression over time, i have built/ Building a basic model and have also talked to 2 clubs and they are keen to pilot the model.

      I am looking for someone who is keen to spend a few hours every week on this project, I need a capable expert that could create a timetable for the coaches/ when the courts are available. And also a map view (Like googlemaps) but with pinpoints on players/coaches so clients can meet up and have a match in their own time, thus creating the social aspect of the app.

      I'd really like any feedback good or bad, but please feel free to drop me an email if you think you could help out with this project

      Many many thanks!

      Regards Jonny