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    Is it possible to run a QV Script (qvs file) in background mode?

      I have a script (qvs file) that loads data from different sources, process it and save it to different qvd files. Additionally, I have a qvw document that loads those file with certain frequency, let's say, every 5 minutes.


      My question is: can I run in command line (by hand, or with a scheduler) targeting the qvs file directly without loading the whole QV.exe application? I am aware that I can do something like

           cmd.exe /c 'C:\Path-To-QlikView\Qv.exe' /r some_app.qvw

      but I would rather prefer to run something like

           cmd.exe /c 'C:\Path-To-QlikView\Qv-background-mode.exe' /r some_script.qvs

      where Qv-background-mode.exe runs some_script.qvs in background mode, that is, without opening the whole Desktop application.

      The motivation behind this is that loading from different sources and processing the data in an incremental loading scenario is having poor performance. With an extra loading script, I can pass the hard work there, and make optimized loading from already processed data stored in an updated qvd file, offering a better experience for the end user of a dashboard with periodic updates.

      Thanks in advance.