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    Server memory usage per app



      I want to determine the memory usage of a QlikView app before it is published to our production server. I compared the memory statistics/usage app with the actual memory consumption on our test server (tested this with restarting the QVS service and starting only 1 app) but the results are not the same at all. Below a table with my results:

      AppCheckResult (in MB)
      App 1File Size100
      File Size uncompressed700
      Memory usage analyzer app700
      Server Memory usage3.800
      App 2File Size100
      File Size uncompressed200
      Memory usage analyzer app200
      Server Memory usage1.400
      App 3File Size5
      File Size uncompressed13
      Memory usage analyzer app15
      Server Memory usage200
      App 4File Size60
      File Size uncompressed180
      Memory usage analyzer app187
      Server Memory usage510


      Looking at this table it looks like the memory analyzer app shows just the size of the app when compression is set to Off. Also looking at this table it is almost impossible to determine the server memory consumption before an app is published to this server.


      Any thoughts on this? Does anybody know another way to determine the actual memory usage of an app?