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    Mission modifications - something got lost?

    Peter Cammaert

      I too like the new icons for Missions, although I must say I grew accustomed to the previous set.


      I was delighted to see that Helpful and Wise One finally got decoupled, and Wise One disappeared altoghether. Natural order has been restored


      The text in the respresentation of Champion is still a bit contradictory to the real workings:

      Mission Champion.jpg

      Shouldn't each 'a' be a number 5? But then I saw the weird percentage. Apparently the triggers for a Champion Mission have changed recently: now you only need 3 Correct markings (and 5 Helpfuls) to earn this mission. Ok.


      Next I opened the details pane, and to my suprise the Correct markings I had earned so far (counting my recent activities resulted in 3 of them) had disappeared. The Helpfuls are still there. Where did the 'Correct' ones go?