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    Getting Started: Questions and Discussion Threads

    Sara Leslie

      Qlik Community has a variety of areas and content types for its members.


      Discussion Forums are where you can review discussions, ask a question or comment on a thread.


      • Questions are when someone needs ideas or feedback from the community. New discussion threads default to be marked as questions. Responses to a Question can be marked by the poster as Helpful (limit of 2) or Correct (limit of 1). Members get more points if their response is marked correct or helpful.


      • Discussion threads are when someone wants to post a discussion topic but it is informational and the poster would like ideas and responses but not necessarily an answer. Community moderators or employees will often post information and updates this way.


      Questions and Discussion threads have actions available for you on the upper right hand corner of the page: Follow, Share, Bookmark or Like.


      You may also 'Like' individual responses to the post in the body of the thread to quickly show support for other members.