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    Alternate for Number Conversions instead of mutiple if Conditions & Challenges in optimizing the App...?

    vishal goud

      Hi all,


      Optimization for my  application become a big challenge for me, application size is  around 3GB , and Application is very slow for Clicks.


      App Details :

      1.using String Comparisons

      2. some aggregation function

      3. many " if " statements for Number Conversion like K , M & B .

      4. using Count(Distinct( )) in many Charts and Objects.


      What are the Best Possible Optimization techniques  we can implement to replace the Above Costly and memory taking functions...?

      and also please  Send the Different Settings used to be Done in Server and QEMC to get the Better Performance..


      and also as a part of optimization technique we tried to move the major calculation into back end ( Script part) but faced few more challenges ( may be we Don't know the Exact procedure for Moving the Major Calculations into the Script ) , Please Send the Best Way to Move the Calculations to the Script part..?


      Any help this is highly appreciated...

      Thanks in Advance.


      Best regards