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    looking for a Senior QlikView developer

      I am looking for a senior QlikView developer to join our BI-team.


      Our company is specialized in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis. We gather raw data and refine it to usefull information and knowledge so our customers can make better decisions. We do ad hoc data analysis, sell subscriptions of data and access to our analysis environment. Much of the data preparation is done in QlikView (QV). Moreover, the analysis environment consist of a number of QV documents filled with data, which our customers can access from our QV accesspoint.


      We have an office based in northern Europe with a team that meet customers on site. Additionally we have an 'off shore team' with QlikView developers working remotely. Now we want to expand the team and hire a senior QlikView developer.


      As a first project we want to try with a limited project of about 50 to 100 hours. If everything works fine, we are interested in long-term and full-time hiring.



      -A minimum of 1 year of QlikView development

      -Comfortable working with QlikView scripting, variables, triggers and accesspoint

      -Ability to take a task description and deliver advanced technical solutions in QlikView

      -Strong analytical and communication skills

      -Available on skype 4 hours per day Monday-Friday during European office hours

      -Reliable and quick internet connection allowing video conferensing e.g. over skip

      If this sounds interesting please apply by sending a letter and a resume to odenp2@gmail.com. Please clearly state your QlikView experience and hourly rate for an initial project of 50 to 100 hours.