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    How do you "follow" community activity

    Steen Schlüter Persson



      I have now been using the Qlikview community for some time, but wondering if there are any good ways/tools to read the posts in here? I have set up RSS feeds in Outlook from the relevant groups, but I find it very cumbersome to basically have either open each RSS post to get into the forums or from the community web site have to click to open every single post to see it with all the comments.


      I remember "the good old days" with newgroups and news readers where you had everything in the news reader and where you just could expand or collapse every single thread to easily see the full thread. A lot of companies have moved to web communities, but I must say that I've never found it as easy to follow as with the old newsgroups - but maybe I've just never found a clever way to do it..:-).


      Maybe some of you have some good tips and tricks?