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    (Moderation) Community broken?

    Peter Cammaert

      A minor issue, I guess.


      Moderation seems to have experienced a hickup along the way. Althoug I did receive an Approved: Re:Numbers-message from the Moderator almost two hours ago, my post (at the bottom of the thread) is still in Moderation (to me) / Invisible (to all others).


      See: http://community.qlik.com/message/742463#742463

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          Robert Mika

          My guess is there is an "automatic moderator" (something like pre-approval) but not always working properly

          From time to time I'm getting the same messages and then I'm waiting from long time to get my post/doc approved.

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            Sara Leslie

            Hello Peter,


            I checked and see that your post is live. We actually do not have an automatic moderation approval. All items that go to moderation are reviewed and then either approved or rejected. We have the spammers to thank for increased moderation constraints btw. So I personally review and approve or reject items over the weekend and we have other moderators that help during the work week. Sorry if there is ever a delay, we do our best to review in a timely manner.


            Best Regards, Sara

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                Peter Cammaert

                Hi Sara,


                I noticed that too. But my post went only live after the second approval. I now have two approval emails and two actions for the same post and about 6 hours apart. I wasn't posting about the delay (that's Ok with me) but simply to point out that due to some technicality my post got approved in name but not in reality. The second run was more succesful it seems.


                Referring to your other reply in QlikView Latest Discussions missing from homepage (thread is now locked), do you have a preferred method or a guideline on how to report "issues" in a more detailed and reliable way (vs. the dreaded "it doesn't work!")? That might ease the troubleshooting for your team and the development of remedies for this 3rd-party.



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                    Sara Leslie

                    Thanks Peter,


                    Please email me directly with your additional issue/questions around this topic or anytime for any feedback at sara.leslie@qlik.com.


                    We most definitely appreciate it when members report issues via the community information forum. Your feedback helps keep things running more smoothly. As you know some issues can be resolved more quickly than others.


                    Reporting issues publically helps other members understand the problem and possible solutions or know that its being worked on. When we get into detailed problem solving we usually have the best results by communicating via email so we can attempt to resolve more quickly with specific examples.


                    Best Regards- Sara