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    Where has the maintenance update blog post gone?

    Peter Cammaert

      This morning (my time), I was reading Sara Leslie's Blog post about the upcoming community update and the changes to the software and layout that were going to be introduced. There were some nice pictures of the new profile page and such. Halfway the article, it was suggested to clear the browser cache and restart any open community sessions to make sure that the updates correctly come thru. Since the update was supposed to be completed, I immediately did as advised... (damn, should have read the entire post first)


      To my surprise, every mention of the update or the new features, including all links to the blog post are gone from the community site. I also don't see anything new or modified... Did the update fail?

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          Sara Leslie

          Hello Peter,


          Thanks for your question. It's been a long day and now a long night. As I'm sure you know a platform upgrade is pretty extensive and complicated. The platform vendor experienced some issues with the upgrade and we needed to postpone the final updates until they can be resolved. I didn't want to confuse people with my blog post so had to pull it down. I didn't have an alternate post prepared. Sorry- and don't worry I will be share a 'new and improved' blog post once we have completed the updates for the 'new and improved' version.


          Best Regards, Sara

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              Peter Cammaert

              Thanks for your quick reply Sara.


              I wasn't aware that the update was this extensive, because as I was reading your post I got interrupted by the actions I mentioned before and the post suddenly disappeared. Nobody's fault but my own.


              BTW still a big fan of your community and the way you and your team run it. Keep it up, but don't forget to get a good night's sleep.