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      Imp -And -Very urgent in New to QlikView


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      Around 4 years of experience in IT on BI tool QlikView Designing and developing. I’m an seeking end to end

      Contribute to the successful and profitable operation of the firm, along with my   personal growth.                    


      Professional Summary



      • Having hands-on experience in Qlikview.
      • Created and managed ETL script generation using Qlikview Script Builder Application.
      • Implemented advanced SET Analysis for aggregation calculations so that set of records can be    defined in an expression.
      • Installed, configured and deployed the application on Qlikview server and Imported data from different sources such as Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, XML files and flat files using OLE DB/ODBC.
      • Performance tuning by analyzing and comparing the turnaround times between SQL and QlikView.
      • Creating, Managing and publishing Qlikview Reports & Dashboards in to QV Publisher.
      • Designed and developed extensive Qlikview reports using combination of charts and tables.
      • Publishing and Deploying the Dashboards based on business requirements.
      • Writing SQL Scripts to load the various data sources in Qlikview Applications.like Sql server, Flat Files, Excel, CSV Files
      • Having good knowledge on SSIS.
      • Develop load scripts using QlikView and Stored Procedures
      • Designed schemas using Dimensions, Facts and Measures and established the relationship between them.
      • Having Good exposure to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
      • Willing to adapt to new technologies and work environments.



      Technical Skills



      Primary Skills

      QlikView 10.x,&11.x



      BI , QlikView 11.x,QC, SSIS



      SQL server 2008,Oracle 11g,Sql,Pl/Sql


      Operating Systems

      Windows NT,2000,XP



      Projects Summary


      Electronic Medical Record(EMR)


      Tools and Technologies

      Qlikview 11.x,Sql server ,SSAS,Excel



      Sql Server 2008



      Qlikview developer






      Project Description:


                      This system, which was developed for U.S. healthcare service provider, aims at providing corporate information and hospital statistics that can be viewed by Directors and management or by those who are authorized to see it. This system is the complete solution designed for an enterprise wide-area networked environment to implement a totally paperless office by allowing patient records to be accessed at the actual point-of-care via a stationary PC and by managing all clinical, administrative and follow-up processes electronically. This system is using five different modules Cardiology, Dialectology, Pediatric, Neurology, and Eye Care.


      • Involved in building the data model, creating reports as per client requirement and scheduling the reports.
      • Experienced in process mapping according to the reporting requirements.
      • Developed hierarchical business model for company codes, account numbers, line of business plan.
      • Hands on retrieving of external data to QlikView dashboard in terms of Qvd’s by making connection through ODBC and OLE DB.
      • Implemented QlikView Application with various data source.
      • Implemented Incremental loads and partial reload using Created Qvd files.
      • Used concatenate (concatenate, auto concatenate, No Concatenate) to concatenate data between different table.
      • Used Interval match function to identify discrete matching value over times.
      • Used different types of join to join data from different tables.
      • Used extensive set analysis to analyze data over time used MTD, YTD and WTD.
      • Use the link table to avoid the circular, synthetic key.
      • Worked to provide several level of security using section access.


      Hi every one Please Help me


      I have an interview on Friday i.e.:20-mar-2015

      Dis is my project &Roles N Resp.& Proff.summury..


      Please go through wit dat profile and


      1.gve an Preperation plan,

      2.need process of explaining dat project & prof.summry.

      3.Steps of project Execution

      4.How to use Stored Preocedures in Qlikview

      5.SSIS( sql server integration services.


      all the above poits shud be Prepare in txt doc  and send to my mail id are post uaa views....


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