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    aggr function performance problem



      I am hitting a strange performance issue with the app  I am working on and can not figure out why qlikview is performing the way it does. I have attached a sample application with a slice of my data. I have only included one expression in the sample app (the one with the issue).

      Things start to get slow when I reload about 3M rows. By the time I load more data (~5M rows), the app just hangs  on the chart  (displaying the progress bar on the chart)  while calculating the following expression


      =count(aggr(memb_id,memb_id, service_date_id, service_type))


      when the app freezes, windows stops responding too and the only way out is a hard reboot. I am running this on a laptop with 8gig of ram, however, when i upload the app to our server (96gig memory) same problem is observed.


      Please take a look and maybe someone can spot an issue. Does the aggr function just rolls over for larger data sets? I have used the aggr function in other apps but never have seen this qlikview perform like this.