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    Why does QlikView freeze after two minutes of inactivity?

    ramon arcusa

      Hey guys.


      We've been working thoroughly for months in improving our QlikView app's performance. Our biggest app weighs around 3 GB, and contains 25-30 millions of rows in its fact table. It's getting slower and slower as time goes by.


      Today, I just wanted to let you know (and hope for your always great feedback) something we've been realizing lately. We planned to build it from scratch: we've created a new document just copying our big app's script and we've added just one chart, and a couple of expressions at a time to test its performance (no formatting efforts at all). The fewer expressions it has, the better he works (obviously, isn't it?), but what surprises us the most is that no matter how many expressions we have, it freezes for a while after keeping him untouched for a couple of minutes. Just a couple or three minutes! These are the steps to try to reproduce this behavior: 1) Make some selections (wow, this is so fast!). 2) Get up and play with your dog for a couple of minutes (if you don't have dog around, you just can dance or sing). 3) Go back to QlikView and just open a multibox (or select any value from a listbox, hit any button, whatever)... There we go! I have to wait for 30-60 seconds for it to recover. Even with no new selections made, just opening a multibox.


      This behavior doesn't occur everytime, but most of the times it does.


      Do you know why this can be happening? Is it anything physical? What kind of physical things does QlikView have to do when it has two minutes "for itself"? Is it creating or destroying cache? Is it moving data between memory spaces of any kind?


      Thanks in advance!