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    QV existing setup improvement

    ajay ajay

      Hi All,


      I have the existing Qlikview setup with the following things:


        Publisher Server   : Cluster Environment(server1&server2, 90GB RAM)

        QV server1            :Server1 (250 GB RAM)

        QV server2              :Server2(250 GB RAM)


        No Of Applications : 30

        DataBase :Oracle


        The tasks are running as per the schedules and few jobs are at a time.(RAM utilization is normal that time)


      The SQL queries and the scripts are taking normal time in one day and taking more time on another day.So how we can improve the performance from QV side and also in DB side.


      Is these type of cases can be handled by qlikview architects in India?

      or these type of issues both server,apps is comes under which role apart from normal developer.?



      Thanks in advance,