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    linking tables on two keys in qlik

      I have two different tables i am loading into my model. I need to have them link by two fields


      the first table is a direct link into a database that has info about every sale coming in with date and branch etc and could have multiple sales per day etc


      I have inserted a mapping table so qlik can see the month these dates fall within, so far so good


      my second table then has a variable monthly target for each branch v month.


      I basically need Qlik to be able to associate the monthly forecast based on branch and month (my plan was to then use avg function to see the forecast v actuals for the month per area)


      I thought sync keys would take care of this but it doesnt seem to be able to associate the two and is putting random targets against branches.


      Is there a way i can either get the above to work or alternatively I can have them as two seperate unlinked tables (I can rename fields in my second table) and then put data from two tables into one chart?