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    Please don't post requests for Qlik Developer Resumes

    Sara Leslie

      Hello Qlikkies,


      We really appreciate your participation in this forum and other areas that help make Qlik such a great solution. If you want to share ideas for resume formatting or best practices please post a sample resume here with comments for other members. We have had a few people in the past asking for sample resumes which are then being passed around and just copied. We then get feedback from hiring managers that they keep receiving the same resume over and over with a different name. These types of threads will be deleted.


      Posting your question or best practices in this forum is also an opportunity to have a discussion with hiring managers to also see what experience, and skill sets they look for.


      If you have additional feedback or questions feel free to message me directly or respond to this thread.


      Best Regards,

      Sara Leslie

      Qlik Community Manager