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    QlikView MVP - Why not?

    Igor Alcantara

      This is an idea I had in the past and I'd like to suggest. I hope someone from QlikTech read and consider this. It is based on an idea I saw on other companies, like Microsoft.

      It is called the MVP Program. The idea is: QlikTech select some professionals by region (or country). Those professionals are non-employees, just recognized members of the QlikView community that will (for free) help to develop the QlikView culture in their region and It will be references for developers and users. Those MVPs will be allowed to speach in universities and events about QlikView.

      Again, they will not be hired by QlikTech, but they will get support on the events they organize to help to spread the great things QlikView has.

      People who want to be an MVP will need to register for that and QlikTech will analyze and select the appropriate MVPs for each region.