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    Qlikview Freelancer

      I have  a list of Bill of Materials.


      The bill of material is for a Finished Good and the will have three to four semi-finished goods.


      Each semi finished goods will have some components / raw materials.

      I want an expert to determine the cost per component/raw material, cost of semi finished goods and finally cost of finished goods.


      have attached a sample BOM for reference.

      Column A to I are inputs and Column J is the Output.

      Few rows amounts are highlighted in Column J. This is the sub-assembly.


      the first row is the finished good.


      Request experts to upload Column A to I and arrive at Column J as per the logic used in excel.


      Quote your price via mail to kartik@rstahl.net.


      Only professionals who have experience in handling need try.

      This is very urgent, Have more assignments relating to inventory to be done in Qlikview.


      looking for real professionals.