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    Performance: Filtering at Scripting Vs Filtering at Dashboard

      Hi All,


      Am doing the above work and am at a dilemma.  Do advise, below is the scenario:


      I have 2 set of evaluations data in my Qlikview dashboard.  Both of them have a column called timestamp. 




      1.  Should I create individual column of timestamp for each of this evaluation?  Example.  Column A called A_TimeStamp and Column B called B_TimeStamp in one concatenated table.

      So at dashboard level, i can just create a listbox with A_timestamp for report A and B_timestamp for report B without any data filtering.




      2.  Should I concatenate them as one column called timestamp. 


      So at dashboard level, I have to create a listbox with expression to filter out based on the unique identifier of the evaluation.



      Which is better in term of performance ?


      Please kindly advise as the data will be getting more and more.


      Thanks in advance.