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    Line Script Error with Variables in File Functions

    John Cahill



      I am seeing an issue with my script intended to identify file existence. I picked up some code outlined in this post: http://community.qlik.com/thread/85612


      My code is fairly straight forward. Both of the attempts to set the variable provide the same error "Script line error".



      Let fQVD_AAEData= fldQVD & 'AAEData.qvd';

      Let vqvdexists = if(FileSize($(fQVD_ICMLog))>0,-1,0);

      If FileSize($(fQVD_ICMLog))>0 Then
      Let vqvdexists = -1;
      Let vqvdexists = 0;
      End If


      However when I use the resolved value instead of the variable it works.

      Let vqvdexists = if(FileSize('../../../QVD/WW/ICM/AAEData.qvd')>0,-1,0);


      I have tried other File functions such as QVDCreatetime with the same result.


      What am I missing?