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    Challenge! No one has the right answer do far! Skip missing field.

    Dan McDonald




                  I am looking for code for a seemingly simple task. Load multiple csv files and skip a field load if it does not exist. Example- I am loading fields [OptionA] [OptionB] [OptionC] and [OptionD]. In some files, [OptionD] is called [OptionE]. In others it may be [OptionF] [OptionG]. I do not want a load statement for each file since it will take too long. I want to load \\my location\*.csv to load all files. But I need to skip if a field does not exist. I cannot load all fields since I am dealing with 50+ columns and 75+ files. I simply need to load 4 fields but the 4th field can have up to 7 names (they all mean the same thing). I am stuck and I don’t this this is possible in QlikView.