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    Assessing performance and optimisation - problems with calculation time

      Hi All,


      I'm in the process of trying to optimise a document.  It has lots of data in it and performance is not that great.  So basically I am trying to implement a bunch of ideas from Qlik and the community.


      What I'm having trouble with is assessing whether they actually result in improvements at an object level.  The only way I know how to do this is to open the document fresh, select the page I want to assess, make a couple of selections, then export the memory statistics.  Then I can compare before v after.


      The problems are:

      - This is a very slow and inefficient process, is there a tool that can be used instead?

      - The results are extremely inconsistent.  Same data, same object can give me radically different calculation times.  Also, the new v optimised can show me that one is 'faster' than the other one time, but then the opposite another time.


      Is there a better approach?  I'm starting to lose all faith in the calculation times for assessment.