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    Qlikview direction about CPM

      Hi everyone,

                               I am very happy to be a qlikview developer (or that's my direction at least). But I have a lot of doubts. For me it's not clear if qlikview can be seen as CPM tool. I mean, qlikview seems able to be also a CPM tool if we consider the potential of inputfield.

      But what is missing is a really structured tool about CPM. Indeed we have to do some workarounds if we want to make a worklfow (I guess with Macro etc....). But most of all I am scared about the .next version. I had some rumors that inputfield are not going to be supported anymore.


      So at the end .... is qlikview just a BI tool. Is CPM market left to Others players.


      Please give a clear picture about this subject


      Thanks in advance for your great support