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    Set analysis with / without current selections

    Johan Breukelaar



      I hope someone can tell me if there is a chance I can get my idea to work.


      Assume a table with 'ordernumber' and 'orderdate'.

      From the 'orderdate' a master calendar is created.


      So a simple calculation would be to count the 'ordernumber'. This way I can view the number of orders placed per timeframe.

      Assume I want selections on Year and Month. My Master calendar provides this. So I can view the number of orders per month, year combination.


      If I would also show in my table the number of orders of previous month I can do so by using a function in my expression for current date and calculate back a month. But that is sort of a static view in time, current month versus previous month.


      What I want is current selected period versus previous selected period.

      To start simple assume I have to select a month. So if I select March as month my next column would need to show the count of February. I need to use set analysis (assumption) and I need to exclude the month selection from the expression, but how can I use it anyhow to calculate the previous month? I have tried various examples but to no avail.


      I would be thrilled to have a working solution for above. I would be more thrilled if there was a way to determine the selected period. For example I only select year that it would show the count of the previous year.


      Hope someone can help me out.


      Johan Breukelaar