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    Request for better handling of external links in blog posts

    Stefan Wühl

      Dear community admins, dear sli,


      if we link to an external ressource / URL in our blog posts, there is still moderation required to approve the post.

      I believe this work flow has been introduced some time ago due to mass spamming.


      I understand the need for it, but sending all these posts to moderation is quite a pain to the community users (breaking the flow of discussions) and for you moderators (creating load) as well.


      Currently I remove the hyperlinks from my post links, so they appear as text and are not send to moderation, but this is not the best solution IMO.


      As I think already suggested by others before, wouldn't it be possible to allow


      - links to a white-listed domain, like the TOP20 blogs, wikipedia and so on (likewise I think is applied to links to QT domains)

      - links from TOP 500 community members (or based on some other kind of trust grade)


      to be passed without moderation?