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    Searching in listboxes of numerics


      I try to undestand how QlikView searches listbox with numbers

      when user wirtes different expressions in a small separate windows

      above of this listbox.


      I have listbox in Tutorial Qlikview where is example for "Population (mio)".

      1. When I write the exact value (for example "13.4"),
        the correct line is then selected and after ENTER it becomes green ... O.K.
      2. When I write ">999", two correct lines are selected (1 194.43 and 1342.49)
        and after ENTER they become green ...O.K.
      3. When I write "<999", fourteen corect lines are selected
        and after ENTER they become green ... O.K.
      4. When I write "=999", 37 lines are selected and after ENTER they become green
        and here is my question: All these selected lines are less then 0 and greater then 1.
        Is it correct behaviour of QlikView or a bug?

        The same behavioure QlikView presents, when I write the only character: "=".




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          Stefan Wühl



          I believe with just typing a number, you will actually performing a text search, so you should be able to find and select 13.4 also by just typing 1 or 13 and press enter (but this will also include the other values that starts with 1 or 13). So you perform a search matching your search phrase with the beginning of the values to search in.


          When you use a preceding >, <, >= or <=, you will perform a numeric search as you stated (you can also combine to ranges, like >10<20)


          When using a preceding equal sign, you are actually starting an advanced search (please check also the Help for search), where you basically define a boolean expression and QV will return all records where the expression returns true.

          So, when entering =1, all records will be selected (same for any other number except 0).

          You wouldn't use an advanced search with a constant, but with something like


          when operating the search on a customer fields (select all customers with sum(Sales) larger than 10000).


          I don't know why you get anything selected with just typing =, or what you described with "All these selected lines are less then 0 and greater then 1."


          So it might be useful if you could post a small sample application so we see what you are talking about.





          (please note that there are also different search modes available in list box properties)

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              thank you very much for your GREAT answer. It have explained to me all my questions of numeric searching in listboxes!


              And now to your questions:

              1. My sentence "about less then 0 and greater then 1" was my MYSTAKE,
                I have find that ALL values were selected after my writing of "=999".
                I apologize for it!

              2. And now I want to explain WHY I have written the sign "=".
                I wanted to indicated that I want to NUMERIC comparison, not STRING comparison.
                And when you explain it to me, I see thatQlikView uses Excel-like syntax for caling functions
                (with "=" prefix) and this was for me unknown till now.

              So thank you very much for efficient answer and great examples (for ranges).