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    Publisher task not finished before next scheduled run

      In case it's pertinent, my company is still running QlikView 10 SR 4.  The timings I'm asking about are hypothetical.  Suppose you create a publisher task to reload qvw, schedule it with a trigger and specify that it should run every 5 minutes.  Also, suppose the reload used to take a minute or two, but the amount of data has increased so the file is larger and the reload now takes more than 5 minutes to complete.  So if a reload starts at 12:00 and has not yet finished, what happens at 12:05?  Does it wait until the previous reload has completed?  If it finishes at 12:06, does the reload that was supposed to start at 12:05 start at 12:06 instead.  Or does it skip over the 12:05 reload (because the reload that started at 12:00 wasn't finished) and just wait until 12:10 since that's the next 5 minute increment?