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    Android App

      Hi all,

      I had an ASUS Tablet. Exists any app for the tablet?

      It has an Android OS.


      Thanks all


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          Mohammed Ashfaq Ali



          There is no App for Android.

          You can directly use your browser. If it  supports HTML5 you will not have any issue.

          Yes, There is a app for IOS.




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            If you are interested to explore how Qlikview can become a friendly partner of Android maybe this app is of your interest.


            BI Barcode Scanner Lite - Android Apps on Google Play


            It's a native android app that after a simple configuration allows to open your Qlik dashboards after scanning a barcode or QR-CODE that represents a value of any of your Qlik document filter tables (Products, Customers, Locations....) it's really addictive !!! 


            If it becomes of the interest of qlik community I am planning to upgrade it with some fanzy features... so far just capturing feedback and comments from first round of users.


            Thanks in advance and hope you like it!



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              Philip Lim

              What functionality does the APP provide. Can anyone recommend a good page with information about the IOS App. It is amusing that no Android App exists when there are over 1 billion active users (not all Qlik users though...LOL)!

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                  Colin Albert

                  Have you tried opening the Access Point Web Page directly in your browser?

                  Just because Apple's IOS requires an app for everything does not mean other tablets will also need an app.

                  I can run qlikview docs from the Access Point directly in a BlackBerry Playbook tablet web browser - no app is necessary.