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    Are the categories for posts here going to change?

    Friedrich Hofmann

      Is this just me or do you also have the distinct impression that the categories available here for posts are more than inadequate?

      - Ex.: What is "App development" - is that GUI_development or scripting, expressions or what - all somehow applicable ...

      - "Layout and visualizations" - due to the many possibilities that QV offers, that is a wide range of things - a dozen or so types of objects - and ?dimensions? (for charts), ?expressions? (visibility_conditions or so), ?variables for the GUI? (switching between dimensions/ expressions...)


      <=> There is the possibility of adding any tags to a post to further classify it - but those are not visible in the forum, are they?

              <=> Some more (and more detailed) categories would make the "second layer" of tags superfluous.


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