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    qlikview license expired

      Hi all,

      I have a question about licensing qlikview and a problem that occurs when I load the dashboards automatically from the server.

      I started all services but the tasks that load the dashboard shows failed and can not change the task or even add a new because I can not access the dashboard.

      I receive the following message: Failed to retrieve settings from QlikView Server.

      I thought of reinstalling everything again, deleting the registry of windows and other qlikview files.

      My question is this, and qlikview license server has more than one year and I understand that this up. I can make the new install and I accept the same license? or have any other solution to the problem

      thanks for the help you can give me

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Fernan,

          Yes, you can use the same license provided you are using the same version of QlikView than when you got the license. So if it was 10, then you have to install the same exact version. Same if you got the license to run 11.20 SR1 (for example): that's the one you can use.

          Apart from that, make sure the UAC, Firewall and IE ESC modes are disabled in the server and that the account that runs QlikView services is in the local Administrators and QlikView Administrators group, and that the password in the Windows services console has been changed accordingly to the account policies.