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    Single Sign On at Document Level


      I wanted to know if there is any provision of SINGLE SIGN ON at data level.
      Example situation:
      1. I have a web page(developed using java) where ill login with perticular user id and password.
      2. I have qlikview document assosiated with the same page(i have a button in the page which will load url of the particular qvw document in a qlikview server ).

      3. Qlikview document have same users as the web page .

      4. I want to reduce data as user goes to qlikview document through web page using web page login credentials.
      5 Qvw file should not ask(prompt) user id and password for reduce data instead it need to take credentials from web page .

      if there is any solution to this ? (without using section access)


      Thanks in advance,
      Ramdas Hegde