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    QlikView Architect in Austin, TX

      About the Company

      • Home Improvement Leads is a driving force in online lead generation – connecting homeowners with high-quality local contractors – in the $300 billion home improvement market.  We are self-funded and profitable, all the stability of a large company with the fun and hard work of a start-up.
      • At Home Improvement Leads, our fast-paced, data driven work environment is our prevailing selling point. We have an open floor plan that encourages the entire team to participate in critical discussions and allows everyone to be a vital contributing factor.
      • This system works because we employ the sharpest minds whose motivation is internal and omnipresent. Good is not good enough, and we work together to push each other to new limits. As a result, we are a driving force in one of the nation’s largest vertical markets and experiencing significant year-over-year growth.

      Job Description: Data Architect

      • Everyone wants to work for the hot new startups, but do you really want to answer to VC, deal with unproven business models, and work for equity that may or may not actually be worth anything?  We have all the advantages of a startup - fast paced, fun, free beer, latest technologies - but we're also self-funded and highly profitable, with an established business model that is continually evolving as we grow.
      • In this strategic position, you will be part of the engineering team responsible for creating and maintaining our applications and technology stack.
      • If you are the right person for this challenge, you will be able to work in a rapidly evolving office and industry where we are accountable to one another on a daily basis through metrics and proven process. You are passionate about performing well, you are a gifted communicator and technically adept, you are sometimes bloodied but never beaten, and you take joy in achieving your goals.
      • While what you have done in the past is certainly a factor, what you can contribute in the future is our primary concern. Knowledge of MySQL, Qlikview or another BI Reporting tool, ETLs, and statistical analysis are your core competencies.
      • Finally, because you have been in the technology industry awhile, you should have an excellent repertoire of pranks, jokes, or other means of having fun and enjoying life. See this: http://tinyurl.com/hilgrass

      Benefits / Compensation

      • Healthcare, Dental, Optical, Competitive Salary and bonus, Casual Office, Unlimited Vacation, Free Lunches and Snacks, FREE BEER

      “Seriously, this is a badass place to work.” –Marcus Pope, Senior Software Engineer

      Performance Objectives

      1. Increase revenue and profitability by creating reports, tools, and gathering insights from our data.  Your natural curiosity drives you to investigate how to constantly improve and outperform our competition.
      2. Use your intimate knowledge of our business to help us improve our products, systems, and processes.  You will actively participate in business discussions to help determine the direction of the engineering team.
      3. Interpret requirements and features by working directly with stakeholders.  These requirements will be used to create reports and perform data analysis.
      4. You must create and maintain our ETLs, tiered loading systems, and Qlikview reports.
      5. You will own all of the data design and manage how to make our data valuable to the business.
      6. Serve as a resource the entire company.  Your knowledge of our business and data will enable you to help advance the skills of others and ultimately elevate the performance of the team.
      7. You push yourself to high achieve greatness through motivation and enthusiasm.  Your drive is an inspiration to others to work hard, and excel in their careers.
      8. Work directly with the engineers to ensure the application uses a data design that will be useable in the reporting systems.

      3 Month Objectives

      • Proficient knowledge of Qlikview
      • Basic understanding of our Data Model
      • Understand Daily Metrics, ability to present data and understand the implications of the data
      • Understand how we buy and sell leads
      • Have designed and produced at least 1 major report
      • Understands our Tiered loading structure
      • Ability to configure and maintain the Qlikview Enterprise Management Console
      • Works well with stakeholders – interpreting requirements, effective communication

      6 Month Objectives

      • Understand how ping/post works for buying and selling
      • Has significant understanding of our Data Model
      • Design and produce solutions that are maintainable, scalable, and meet the needs of the business
      • Have designed and produced at least 3 major reports
      • Understand the Traffic Engine

      Overall Performance Objectives

      • Continuously learn about how our Business works – how we generate and sell leads, how to maximize revenue and profit
      • Continuously improve knowledge of data and business
      • Interpret requirements and features from stakeholders, turn requirements into reports/data
      • Owns the Data Model
      • Owns Qlikview and all Qlikview Reports
      • Ability to produce insights from the data quickly and accurately
      • Proactively determine when the data requires the attention of stakeholders


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