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    extra tool

    adi arnon



      i have a request from my qlikview users.


      they want to built their own charts and tables in their interface.


      they have the open report (a table that they can choose the dimensions and facts) but they want more.


      do you know if there is any tool that qlikview offer for that?


      if not is there any other tool (not qlikview )  for that?  






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          sujeet singh

          may some extensions can provide you such feature

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            vikas mahajan

            It is possible in Qlikview Using Ad-Hoc Reporting or Customized reporting

            Please find attached document will show you dynamically we can build reports in qlikview or you

            can search in community for more examples.


            Hope this helps you.



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              jagan mohan rao appala

              Hi Adi,


              Check this hope it helps you.


              Adhoc reporting in Qlikview




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                Peter Cammaert

                You already seem to have (some sort of) adhoc reporting. The next thing is called "Server Collaboration" and it works in the AccessPoint only.


                You can enable Server Collaboration by setting the Server Objects checkbox in QMC->Syst->Setup->QVS->Documents and the Allow Creation of Server Objects option in Documents->User Documents->Document->Server->Server Objects for each document for which creation of charts and listboxes should be allowed. The changes are instantaneous: the moment you rswitch them on, users can start developing their own objects. The only thing you'll need to provide is a data model with descriptive field names.


                Creating sheets and objects is either done using the right mouse me,nu, or these buttons in the AP toolbar:



                The right one allows you to insert new objects (listbox, chart, button, everything from the desktop Insert Object menu). The button on the right shows a list of all existing and published server objects and allows you to share them with others, or import them from others.


                Server Objects are persistent (they only disappear when you remove them) and a great tool for power users that want to prepare the things they need before going back to the document developer.


                Note: you cannot build entirely new documents in the portal, just add sheets and objects to existing documents. The reason is simple: no tools to create scripts or load data. If you want that feature, just hold your breath for QlikView 12. Should be around the corner now...



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                    adi arnon

                    hi peter,


                    firs tnx for the answer.


                    i think that this is what im looking for.

                    if i want to alow just one or two users to create objects - can i do that?

                    and i if you can be more specified how to do the  Server Collaboration.


                    where i should do it?

                    im new in qlikview...



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                        Peter Cammaert

                        Yes you can restrict the creation of Server Objects in a specific document to Named Users. See QMC->Documents->User Documents->Document->Server->Server Objects. There is a list box that by default says "All Authenticated Users". Change that to "Named Users" and you can specify names of users that should be allowed to do their own additions.


                        Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of entry-level information on Server Collaboration and there is none by QlikTech. Not even in the manual. I'll see if I can find a document for you to use in the Resource Library. But you can start by yourself already to get an idea of how similar/different this method of creating objects is when compared to the QV Desktop experience. Just put one of the demo documents in the AP (no need to reload), switch on the Server Object options in QMC and qlik away.


                        Good luck,