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    QlikView files uploaded to Qlik Community no longer PE enabled?

    Steve Dark

      Hi Sara and team,


      Over the years I've uploaded a number of QlikView documents to Qlik Community, mostly to illustrate answers to questions on the Community but also some that are more generally useful.


      It used to be the case that all documents uploaded to QlikCommunity were converted so that they were Personal Edition enabled and anyone on the forums could open them.


      I've had a few comments on my documents recently that people with Personal Edition have not been able to open them.


      Has there been a concious decision to no longer PE enable apps uploaded or is it just something that has been missed in a few cases?


      I've made an index of documents I've uploaded to the site here:



      There was a time when you had the option to have documents uploaded to QlikCommunity to be available on a QlikView Server for Web access to them.  That seemed to end a long time ago though.


      Thanks in advance.