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    Qlik Community Employees Negating Support

      I am starting to get a bit upset as I have tried on 3 separate occasions to get a response from the Community Managers.


      When I registered a while ago on this site I used my old employers email address. I have not worked for them for the past year and have been trying to get Sara Leslie to assist me by changing my email address so that I can contribute more to this community by getting updates.


      3 emails later and a message on QlikCommunity and have yet had a response. I will find the thread from a top contributor that stated Sara would be able to assist in this regard. Either Sara is ignoring my emails or this is not possible. However, I would like the decency of a reply to let me know where I stand.


      I am taking this to the forums in an effort that someone at QlikTech can assist and at least inform me of how I go about getting this changed to my personal email address. I tried to handle this in a polite and offline manner to no avail.


      Please can someone have the decency and let me know what steps I need to follow to action this change.


      Your assistance in this matter, as always, is greatly appreciated