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    Dashboard Performance Degradation Due to User Created Server Objects



      I wonder if anyone has come across the problem we have and if yes, how it was solved. We are using QV11 and migrated a number of dashboards from earlier versions. Everything works fine after the migration with the exception of one report. And in fact, I'm not sure whether our problem is related to the migration at all or it just coincidentally started happening shortly after the migration was done.


      Here is the problem itself: we have a dashboard which is about 700 MBs in size. The SHARED file for this dashboard is close to 1GB . This is a mystery in itself because I would have thought that you would only see object definitions for user-created objects in the SHARED file, but the actual data in those objects is the same as in the source file. Could it be clones of source objects that got detached perhaps? What could use so much space in there?


      Putting the concern around SHARED file size aside, the main issue is that we are also seeing a performance degradation on this dashboard which we linked to the SHARED file. Basically, I tested the dashboard with and without the SHARED file, and without it, it works like a treat. Then comes the next problem: some cleanup should ideally be done on the user-created objects on the server. There are over a thousand of them for this dashboard and the QMC does not provide a powerful interface to remove batches based on user, last usage time, size, or any other characteristic! This leaves us with the option of removing server objects one-by-one and checking the performance after every remove to see if it solved the problem (I have a suspicion that there is probably a single object which is causing the file size to balloon and the performance degradation). Obviously, this one-by-one approach is not very good when there are over a thousand objects.


      Did anyone ever run into the same issue? How can we solve this problem without spending days on removing objects one-by-one? Any help would be much appreciated.


      Thank you and regards,