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    Paste text into a Qlikview Search Box issue

      I am new to Qlickview so please forgive me if this issue has been discussed.  However I could not find a thread.


      We are deploying Qlickview through our operations and several users have stated that when they copy information from one place (Primary Web data as Text using IE) and paste the info into a Qlickview Search Box, the system will not find the data.  IE: Part Numbers, Serial Numbers, etc.  The data is in the system however Qlickview does not locate.


      Upon doing a little research the problem occurs when the user does a paste via one of two methods:


      Mouse Right Click - Paste




      Menu, Edit, Paste.


      I have confirmed that the Search Box is set to Wildcard Search.  The strange thing is hat Ctrl-V does work.


      Different users are more comfortable with the different methods - causing questions.  Any thoughts?