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    Pentaho Vs QlikView



      I have a question for you.

      Do you know the most important differences between the open source's suite Pentaho and QlikView. I'm trying to use both suites, trying to discover in this way any differences, but I need to your help.

      If there are some people that used both suites, they can tell me any differences between them? Above all by the user's side.

      For example: Pentaho ok is free, and QlikView instead use the in-memory technology, that is an exceptional new type of technology, but also? For example who is the suite more suitable from mobile's side? Or, what is the easier's suite for a new user?

      If it's possibile, can you write a list about this advantages or differences? with a little explanation together.

      I know that it's not simple, please you be patient with me.


      Thank you very much


      best regards