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    Question to the mods: Moderating during a discussion

    Friedrich Hofmann



      why does this moderating process, which sometimes takes quite a long time, have to take place in the middle of a discussion - and for users who are by no means new to the forum?

      I find it somewhat annoying that sometimes I start a discussion looking for a quick solution to a problem, the first answer appears - it's close, but not quite what I need - so I answer once more - and that post goes into "moderating quarantine" for an indefinite period...


      In principle, I totally agree that there has to be some sort of oversight over posts - but this should be reasonably quick and when it can't be done quick, well, it should maybe not be done at all, or only for the first post in a discussion, but not in the middle of one where it only takes up a lot of time ...


      Best regards,