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    Failed to open document qvw

      Hi all,

      I have a problem when try to open document after reload and distribute it through task publisher for only  users that are profiled on Section Access.

      I have installed server and publisher qlikview 11 in the same server.

      Could you help me???


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          Neil Gulliver

          What happens when you try to open the document ? Do you get an error message such as 'Access Denied to this QlikView Document' ? Often, this is caused by section access. Unless you have set yourself up a back door you may have locked yourself out.

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              Hi neil,

              tank'you for your response, we get typical error of Section Access only for user restricted on it. If user not restricted on section access by some data then access without problem.If we comment the script of section access then all they users access. We are in contact with support qliktech and  we feel to be a Bug