How to make Straight Tables more effective using charts in columns

    I think this is one of the very powerful feature we have in QlikView as it allows us to combine Charts and Tabular Data together. Visualizations created When the charts are presented along with tabular data, it becomes very easy for users to understand the relationship amongst different columns. Here is one of the simple example reflecting this feature.

    Use this simple script –

    Load * Inline [
    SalesPerson, Sales, Target
    Mr A, 800, 1000
    Mr B, 1000,1200
    Mr C, 1100, 900
    Mr D, 500, 500


    Dimension – SalesPerson

    Expressions –

    • (1) Sum(Sales)
    • (2) Sum(Target)
    • (3)   Sum(Sales)/Sum(Target


    Select the 3rd Expression in the expression tab and select ‘Linear Gauge’ in Display options.

    Click on the Gauge Settings button to set the relevant properties to improve the appearance of gauge chart as such Max to 2 to show some area beyond the max limit of 1 for better readability. Also deselect AutoWidth segments, Hide Segment Boundaries and guage outlines, make the color same for both the segments and set lower limits to 0 and 1 respectively for both the segments. Deselect Show Scale and mode to show Needle. Various options and colors can be tweaked as desired.


    Press Ok to close all windows and here you will see a very simple, but very effective straight table from usability perspective.