IE Plugin Vs Ajax Client

    Hi All,


    Please find below table for some of the differences between IE Plugin and Ajax client modes.


    IE PluginAjax client
    Users can resize screen to fitNeed to install Extension for this.
    Macros can be executed.Macros not available
    Close fit to desktop view of documentObject positions and size can vary compared to desktop client
    Supports only in IE.Supported on various browsers
    Plugin has to be installed on each clientNo installation at client
    Extension objects won't work.Extension objects can be used
    Session collaboration & Notes and annotations is not availableSession collaboration & Notes and annotations
    Plugin has to be uninstalled & reinstalled when server is upgradedNo installation required.
    Print Sheet is available.Print Sheet is not available.
    Bookmark More option is available Bookmark More option is not available
    User Preferences option is availableUser Preferences option is not available


    Please feel free to let me know if I missed anything in this.