Formatted Report Type Chart using Valuelist

    I am often presented with a challenge to deliver a formatted report type output on a dashboard. The type of output which would normally be produced in Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services or even XL.


    There's a nice example on the Qlik demonstrations - Data Visualizations - Butterfly Chart, on how to do it but it can be a bit of a chore to set up.


    There is another way using the often overlooked valuelist (or valueloop) function. Please see the attached example.





    See the following in the Chart properties:

    Valuelist function as a Dimension Expression

    Use of rowno and pick functions in the Expression

    use of rowno in Text Format option of Expression


    Please not with a lot of data and a lot of rows in the format, refresh can be delayed, If its an issue, consider using an aggregated data load to populate.