Reload QlikView Application (QVW) File Without Access To Data Source(s)

    There could be occasions when you need to reload a QVW without having access to the source data. This can be done extracting the current data from an QVW into QVD files, and then use the QVD files as data source instead of the real data source.


    Extract application data to QVDs


    The attached QVW provides an easy and quick way to extract a data model to QVD file.


    IMPORTANT: The source QVW must allow binary load, which is allowed in Document Properties > Opening > Prohibit Binary Load


    1. Create a new folder
    2. Save the attached ExtractDataModelToQvd.qvw to the folder created in step 1
    3. Copy the QVW file that needs to be reloaded to a the folder created in step 1
    4. Open ExtractDataModelToQvd.qvw in QlikView desktop client
    5. Enter the filename copied in step 3 as the QVW file
    6. Click "Extract QVD Files" button
    7. The application will reload
    8. Each table will now be stored to a separate QVD in the same folder as the QVW files reside


    NOTE: The "QVW File" and "QVD Output Folder" can be defined to any valid path for



    Reload customer application


    1. Go to the folder created in step 1 in the above section
    2. Open the QVW file that needs to be reloaded
    3. Enter Script Editor (Ctrl + E)
    4. Go to Edit > Clear Entire Script...
    5. Select OK in the confirmation dialog
    6. The script has now been reset to the default, by only containing the system format variables
    7. Check the Relative Paths option in the Data from Files section in the script editor window
    8. Click on Table Files... in the Data from Files section in the script editor window
    9. Locate the folder where the QVDs from the section above where stored
    10. Mark all QVD files and click Open
    11. One file wizard window per QVD file will popup, click Finish on each of them
    12. Load statements have been added for each QVD file in the script
    13. Reload the application (Ctrl + R)
    14. The QVW has now been reloaded without access to the original data sources




    The original load script might include variables that need to be retained or restored in order to accomplish the original behavior of the application.