How to find a number for a char: chr() and ord() functions

    Everyone knows that sometimes we need to use chr() function to put paragraph sign - chr(13) – or single-quote - chr(39).

    But sometimes you need a special symbol, but you don’t know the number. You can find it in the Internet, but I’ve found a Qlik way how to do it.


    • Just create a straight table.
    • Add Calculated Dimension =ValueLoop(1,100) or even =ValueLoop(1,10000)
    • Add Expression chr(RowNo())
    • And find a symbol that you need.


    There is a faster way, If you found a symbol in the Internet and would like to know what is the number for this char.

    For example delta sign


    Use the ord() function

    Ord(‘Δ’) gives you 916. So if you need to put this symbol somewhere you can use chr(916)

    Some interesting codes are


    =chr(9650) & chr(9651) & chr(9660) & chr(9661)

    =chr(9733) and =chr(9734)


    Be aware!

    in the comments in different discussion Jaime Aguilar mentioned that

    "using chr() function you can display any ASCII / ANSI character (from chr 0 to 255) or Unicode chars (from chr 256 and up). The corresponding number in chr() function for the Unicode chars is the number referred as decimal, that can be found in plenty internet sites. Almost any Unicode char will display in ajax, but in some cases the correct displaying will depend on the page encoding."