IP Subnet Calculator

    Hello All,


    In one of my project which was on telecom domain I required to use the IP subnet calculator. There are lots websites which allows the users to use the IP subnet calculator freely, but I thought what if I can make this tool in QlikView? Finally I started creating this tool in QlikView and now it works well.


    Why we use this tool?


    The task of a subnet calculator is to furnish the subnet information for a particular IP address as well as the subnet mask. One can also utilize this calculator application to find out the subnet class, find out the address of a host, find the correct subnet mask for a particular address, and determine the range for the host etc. the subnet calculator also guides that which most reliable as well as efficient subnetwork should be connected to. Hence, a subnet calculator significantly helps in the management of the entire network.


    Please feel free to provide your inputs.


    Update : I have added output of IPs per subnet table as requested.