Multi-Field Data Profiler

    Building on the work of stevedark QlikView App - Generic Data Profiler, I've created an app that focuses on pulling in 1 or more documents (be it in txt, xls, etc.) and then provide summary statistics on all the fields contained in the data set.

    I foresee three use cases for this approach: the data exploration and -modeling phases of projects, the validation and checking of new data monthly data sets, and the documentation of data sources.  


    I'm working towards making more tools and data visualizations available in future, so keep an eye on my blog for more:


    Hope the community finds it useful and would love to see how others could take it farther.


    Happy Qliking



    PS: I would like to thank stevedark, barryharmsen and rwunderlich, as their blogs each served to help me conceive of a way to construct this model.