How to use - MaxString & MinString

    Bullet points:

    • MaxString and MinString belongs to Qlikview String Aggregation function.
    • They are equivalent to MAX and MIN for integers
    • They return the highest and lowest string value


    What actually a value of a string?


    This is the value described by ANSI character standard where 0 ( NULL) is equal  to 0 and ÿ to 255.

    (For full ANSI character set please attached dosument)

    Taking only the standard English alphabet (A-z)  ‘A’ will be the MIN and ‘z’ will be the MAX.



    In ANSI standard A < a and Z < z


    Language specific characters will be not recognized in the place where they are in your alphabet but they will be 'pushed' to the end

    (see ANSI table)



    MinString and MaxString works on dimensions (columns) only so you cannot use is to evaluate single character or strings .

    (MaxString(‘a’,’z’…) is not supported



    1)    MIN & MAX (textbox)










    2) MIN and MAX of String per group (Straight table)






    3) With condition:

    Return Max and Min string based on another column


    We are looking for MIN and MAX string value from column Category where Country='Poland'




    MinString( if(Country='Poland', Category, null()) )

    MaxString( if(Country='Poland', Category, null()) )



    4) With LEFT/RIGHT

    When used with LEFT the result will be the same as without as the value will be still based on first characters.





    =MinString( Right(Country,1))




    =MaxString( Right(Country,1))




    5) With MID





    =MinString( Mid(Country,2,2))

    =MaxString( Mid(Country,2,2))





    6) With Substring

    When our data are little scrambled -TextBetween will return string between '.' and end of the row.









    7) In set analysis

    When Criteria of Sales is 2 return Country with highest and lowest string Value



    =MinString({<Sales={2}>} Country)

    =MaxString({<Sales={2}>} Country)




    8) With Aggr()

    For each Country return lowest and highest Category string value.










    If know about other ways of using these functions please let me know.