Triggering Task on the QV server using command line arguments after successful completion of  Data warehouse reload

    Step 1) First create a  task in the publisher to reload your document. The task should be triggered "on an external event". It will be just waiting for a signal (see fig 1)

    Fig 1


    Fig 1.png




    Then type a password for this task (you will need to use this password as an argument in the command line to trigger the task ) ( See fig 2) ,save it  ,then apply

    Fig 2

    Fig 2.png

    2)  Download the Enhanced version of QlikTech QMSEDX program from here and save it on your system or the QV server box.


    3) Now type the command to trigger the task from command line in a text file and save it as a bat file (you can convert a .txt file into bat file by changing the file extension to .bat) in the same location as that of the downloaded  API.  The syntax of the command is as follows:


    QMSEDX.exe -task="NameOfTheTask " -qms="NameOfTheQVServerBox"  -password="PasswordOfTheTask"


    Note:If the executables are present in a different location then tweak the command like this


    "PathOfTheFolder\QMSEDX.exe"-task="NameOfTheTask " -qms="NameOfTheQVServerBox"  -password="PasswordOfTheTask"


    4) Name of the task can be found here (See fig 3 )


    Fig 3

    fig 3.png

    You can find the name of the computer (it has to be the name of QV server box ) by right clicking on My Computer icon Mycom.png,click properties .


    You can find the password  here (see fig 4)

    Fig 4

    Fig 2.png


    Note : You may have to unblock the executable (By checking the Properties of QMSEDX.exe. file )